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Efficient access
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Our access control system are the perfect solution in allowing you to control and prevent the access to and from your home or building.
Access Control Cambridge
Access Control
PROMIMITY and CARDLOCK set new standards for simplicity and ease of use in access control. Although simple to operate, the systems offer a wide range of powerful features. They are also excellent value for money and the ease of installation, set up and training results in very competitively priced installation.

The systems are suitable for single or multi-door sites due to the unique and simply method of colour zoning. They are also suitable for larger numbers of users because the cards do not have to be enrolled at each door - they are automatically valid when issued from the wallet - and because of the easy and speedy method of voiding individuals with the use of a shadow card.

For more information about access control and to book your FREE consultation, do not hesitate to contact our security specialists here at AZTEK Services. Our friendly team will help you find the perfect security system to suit you and your property.
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CARDLOCK with swipe cards or PROXIMITY with cards or keyfobs?

The proven, durability of a
CARDLOCK system:
  • CARDLOCK magstripe cards are lower in cost giving a lower cost per user.
  • CARDLOCK is a robust, weatherproof reader. The swipe cards have hi-coercivity magnetic stripes which are far more durable than the lo-coercivity stripes used on bank cards. The system has proved its reliability on thousands of sites around the world.

The covenience of a PROXIMITY system:

  • PROXIMITY is convenient and easy to use. Proximity does not demand precision of action required with systems that require a card to be swiped or inserted. Reading the card is quicker and results in fewer user problems.
  • It is more secure. The PROXIMITY card is very difficult to copy.
  • Our unique vandal proof reader can provide truly vandal proof applications.
  • A range of tokens are available to give specific advantages to different users.

Paxton Net2 is a revolutionary new PC based access control system. It has innovative features that reduce running costs and protect the investment made in the system. Net2 provides flexible control of access for individuals and groups of people by time and place with recording of all events for later reporting. The thoughtfully designed, intuitive user interface allows the main system features to be used with little training.

TOUCHLOCK keypads are available for use with separate control units - Switch2 for simple systems and Net2 for PC based systems. The keypads are available in a range of attractive finishes. TOUCHLOCK keypad stainless steel is highly vandal resistant and is suitable for heavy use.
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