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Security Installers Cambridge
Security Installers Cambridge
Security Installers Cambridge
Security Installers Cambridge
Security Installers Cambridge
Security Installers Cambridge
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Security Installers Cambridge
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67% of intrusions could have been avoided with CCTV
We use the very best in CCTV allowing you to:
CCTV Cambridge Deter crime away from your premises
CCTV Cambridge Monitor over your property 24 hours a day
CCTV Cambridge Prevent theft & vandalism at your property
Prevent loss of stock & catch criminals in the act with CCTV
Our CCTV solutions can help to:
CCTV Cambridge Recognise peoples face
CCTV Cambridge Have complete coverage of your property
CCTV Cambridge Monitor transactions & deter internal theft
Keep a watchful eye over each of your employees
Our CCTV systems will help to:
CCTV Cambridge Check that all staff are safe
CCTV Cambridge Improve work productivity
CCTV Cambridge Make sure assets are protected
CCTV systems

We install reliable and state of the art CCTV systems that are
guaranteed to prevent theft and stop vandalism.

Powerful surveillance systems that allow you to keep a constant eye on your property
CCTV is the answer when looking for a way to keep a constant eye over your property to: watch out for crime and vandalism or events happening inside or outside of the property.

Working throughout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk & surrounding counties, we at Aztek Services have a wealth of experience in tailoring clients the perfect CCTV solution to the home or business requirements.
CCTV Cambridge Catch criminals red handed
CCTV Cambridge Keep an eye on your property 24/7
CCTV Cambridge Prevent theft & burglary
CCTV Cambridge
Remote monitoring allows trained professionals to keep a watchful eye over your property 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Why have a CCTV system installed?
Recent advances in CCTV technology allow businesses to keep continuous and seamless monitoring over their staff, assets and facility.

The relatively inexpensiveness of CCTV have increased in their reliability and accountability to nearly 100% by providing you with real time surveillance. This here means that CCTV maybe a better alternative and cheaper option than having a security guard at your business 24 hours a day.
CCTV Cambridge Keep a watchful eye over your property
CCTV Cambridge Complete coverage for your business
CCTV Cambridge
4 ways CCTV will help to protect your business
Save money Deter crime away Keep an eye on staff Prevent stock loss
HD CCTV systems
With the installation of HD CCTV, you can capture images in stunning quality that allow you to analyse even the smallest of details.
coming soon...
CCTV Monitoring
Utilise the experience of trained professionals to keep a watchful eye over your CCTV system 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
coming soon...
CCTV Analytics
CCTV analytics can be programmed into your systems so that it can detect and determine people or events that may be happening.
coming soon...
Day & Night systems
Day and night CCTV systems provide you with round the clock monitoring regardless of the conditions. Visit the link below to read more on this subject.
coming soon...
CCTV Maintenance
Over time your CCTV system may encounter problems. Here at Aztek, we have a wealth of experience in the maintenance of different CCTV systems.
coming soon...
Upgrades & takeovers
Looking to upgrade your current CCTV system? Here at Aztek we can provide you with a brand new and state of the art CCTV system.
coming soon...
Remote monitoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Although CCTV allows you to watch over your premises what are you to do when you are out of the building? The solution is to implement 24 hour remote monitoring to which trained professionals keep a watchful eye over your premises 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you would like to know more information on this, please get in touch with our team today who will happily assist you in your enquiry.

Examples of our work
Locksmiths Reading
Commercial CCTV install
In this project our engineers install new CCTV for a commercial premises in Newmarket.
Locksmiths Reading
IP CCTV system install
We were called to install new IP CCTV solution for the people of the Newmarket Racecourse.
Locksmiths Reading
More coming soon...
Visit back at a later date to see more projects where we installed CCTV systems.
What can our team at Aztek do for you?
With our wealth and experience of CCTV, our team can find you the perfect system and tailor it to your exact needs and requirements for complete peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about what different types of CCTV we can install, maintain and service, please get in touch with our team today who will happily assist you in your enquiry.
CCTV Cambridge Over 28 years experience
CCTV Cambridge Friendly and reliable engineers
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